• This product helped me to responsibly grow a lawn in times when we all should be aware of the need to preserve water. After a bit of initial care and attention, this grass basically looks after itself!

    Willemien le Roux


  • My initial skepticism was unfounded. Extremely please with the grazing that is a result of the EVERGREEN Pasture seed.

    Neeltjie Bower

    Sheep Farmer

  • We tried many other lawn seeds, but were amazed how this product managed the rocky and harsh environment of the Namibian desert. Very drought and heat resistant!

    John Redman

    Omaruru, Namibia

  • So many options to choose from…


    Stay-at-home mom

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  • Quic-Grow Seed Range, as distributed by Amanzi Landscapes, is a luxurious and versatile lawn, that is easy to install and maintain. Trust Amanzi Landscapes – your preferred lawn supplier!


We have been around for years. We know the climate and we know our grass! Now we have grown the perfect mix of seed for your lawn and pasture needs.

Who are we?

Situated in Centurion, Gauteng, Amanzi Landscapes offer a variety of lawn solutions for a diverse clientele. Our aim is to make the goal of growing lush, manageable, sustainable grass a tangible reality for everyone from private home owners to farmers, sport field maintenance personnel and accommodation venues.

What makes us unique?

When you collaborate with a horticultural provider, it is imperative that they know your region. South Africa is a large country with varying rainfall patterns, soil types and climate conditions. This is why Amanzi Landscapes is the preferred lawn supplier for some of Gauteng’s foremost nurseries, landscapers, garden engineers and golf courses. The business has its roots in Johannesburg and its proprietors know the challenges that both professional and novice gardeners encounter when establishing lawns in the Gauteng region. Their expert team knows this particular terror inside out and can recommend a lawn solution to suit any given location.

Why choose us?

Why not! If you want your grass to grow, choose someone with experience and a good customer reputation. Contact us to see some of the gardens and sites we have handled – we are confident that we can help you grow!