Quic-Grow has a variety of products, amongst which the most popular is the broad leaf, evergreen lawn seed, and its equally popular twin, the fine leaf evergreen lawn seed – both for sun and shade.

Water Wise

Quic-Grow Evergreen grasses require less water than most other lawns; it has a long and extended root system and seeks water and nutrients deeper in the ground.

Easy to establish

Directly sow a new lawn or add to existing one! Our seed tolerates most soils and is extremely drought resistant.

Any time, anywhere

Our lawn seed is extremely versatile, grows in both sun & shade and as it is frost and drought tolerant, it is green 365 days of the year.

Revive lawns

With minimum effort revive your brown or patchy lawns – without the labour or expense of removing existing lawns – simply sow our seeds in between!


Quic-Grow seeds are affordable and available in various packaging sizes, and packed according to the recommended ratio of seed per square metre.


Drought & Frost RESISTANT

Adjusted to Southern African climate

Easy to sow

Revive existing lawns

People- and pet-friendly

Non invasive

Water wise

Vivid, Vibrant and Abundantly GREEN

Adaptable – grows in full sun and shade


Green 365 days of the year

Tolerates all soil types

Will not upset your pavement